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When you’re the same age as your dog…

When you’re the same age as your dog… 


I realised yesterday Roscoe and I were about the same age.

Somewhere near.

We’re certainly going through a similar ageing processes…


Older around the eyes.

Slower getting off the sofa.

Although Roscoe is holding onto his hair better than me 😡


We have to look after ourselves.

Each snack is a decision, each meal considered.

The future we’ve been putting off is upon us.


So whether your dog is like me, middle aged and a bit slower to get up and bark at the postie.

(I bark at couriers of all denominations – keeps them on their toes.)

Or if your dog is older and creaky.

Or younger and you’d like to give them a more pain-free future.

Good ingredient-first treats and food with no nasties are vital.


And if we’re talking creaky, almost creaky and avoiding being creaky…

Pig ear strips are a surprisingly effective way to help with joints.



Pig ears are a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Which work together to help maintain the cartilage in your dog’s joints.

Which means less creaking now and in the future.




Grab your 30% off Pig Ears Discount…

Use Code PigEar30 for 30% off…

  1.  Just go to the following page: https://shop.bounceandbella.co.uk/products/pigs-ears-for-dogs-natural-dog-chews

  2. Click ‘Add to Cart’

  3. At checkout, use code: PigEar30 

  4. That’s it!

Don’t hang around as this offer ends Midnight Monday 1/8/22.

As ever, any questions just let us know.




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