plopper shocker

Plopper Shocker

Apologies for going full-tabloid on you, but I wanted to share a very dirty little raw secret with you that’s rarely discussed.


It’s a secret about plops, poos, turds, number twos or whatever your preferred phrase is…

Maybe you’re young and enjoy good ol’ American poops.

Or maybe you’re old, went to primary school with me and call them Dougies.


Named after the unfortunate Dougie who stepped in a good old-fashioned 80’s doggie doo on the way to Sports Day and earned himself the forever-nickname Dougie Woogie Dog Poo.

Poor Dougie…  …  … Woogie Dog Poo.

Anyway, back to the present…

A few days after we switched our lovely fella Roscoe to raw food, I began to notice an odd lack of Dougies in the back garden woogie area.

Of course, me being me, I leapt to the conclusion he was constipated, and our whole raw food enterprise was doomed before it had even started.

He wasn’t, and it wasn’t.

He’d simply transitioned from three or four huge horse-sized dougies a day to one or two cat-sized woogies a day.

The lawn and I shared a moment.
Tears were shed – we hugged – we may have kissed…
And the neighbours stared.

Of course, smaller Dougies are a wonderful thing for me, my lawn and my neighbours’ dinner table stories about the weirdo next door – but more importantly, they’re the little neon signs pointing to our dogs saying…

Look how much of this raw food is digested!

Nearly all of it!

So little waste!

And that, of course, is the real plopper shocker…

Thank you for staying with me until the end, and apologies for the gruesome content.

Don’t have nightmares.

Do have an awesome rest of your day,


Here’s a review from earlier in the week by Melissa…
Melissa J. (South Norwood, GB) 04/10/2021

I was cautious about switching my lurcher to a raw diet, especially with the overload of advice available.

Thankfully Bounce & Bella put all those fears to rest and made the decision – and the transition- easy.

My dog absolutely loves his new diet- and it always disappears instantly- unlike dry dog food ( and I have tried many premium brands) which would sit in his bowl looking sad. I have noticed a marked improvement in his coat and skin (which is thin and prone to dryness) He is scratching much less and also shedding less than before. His coat is in great condition and feels silky. His digestive issues have disappeared 😁 But the biggest thumbs up is from the pup himself!! So thank you Bounce & Bella for giving me the confidence to try raw feeding 😁🤩 I’m so glad we made the switch 😊👍

If you’re still on the fence about raw feeding, have a quick look at the following blog postBecause switching to raw is definitely much easier than you think:

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