activities to do with your dog in autumn

Activities to do with Your Dog In Autumn

Autumn is officially here, and to celebrate this new season arriving, we thought that we’d share some fun activities to do with your dog in Autumn for today’s post!

With Autumn arriving and the cold it often brings, our dogs often don’t get the opportunity to continue running along the beach and jumping into the sea as they do in Summer. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any fun activities to do with your dog in autumn that are just as fun – and potentially as messy! 

Activities To Do With Your Dog in Autumn

Sniff Walk

We’ve previously written about the joys of a Sniff Walk and the benefits it can have for your pup and developing their sense of smell. But in case you aren’t aware, a Sniff Walk is a walk where you allow your dog to take the lead and follow their nose. 

It’s a wonderful experience and an opportunity to practice their recall while exploring the world around you with your pup. 

Woodland Walks

With Halloween fast approaching, many national trust sites take the opportunity to celebrate the holiday by having spooky walks across their sites, and it’s an opportunity to take your trusted sidekick on these walks too. 

After all, you never saw Shaggy without Scooby-Doo, so while you adventure through some spooky sites, it’s only fitting to have your right-hand pup with you too. 

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Like with the woodland walks, Halloween is approaching, and it’s a perfect time to celebrate the holiday with your dog with some spooky activities. 

Why not take your dog with you to a Pumpkin Patch, explore, pick this year’s pumpkin and maybe even have a quick spooky photoshoot with your pup as well. 


One activity to do with your dog in autumn that will not only give them their allotted exercise but also give you the chance to work out is the canicross

Canicross is a mix of cross country, but with your dog, while you wear a special harness that you can attach your dog’s lead to so, you can run hands-free. 

Camping and Hiking

Although Autumn allows the cold to initially creeping in, we all know once winter arrives that many of us and our pups will want to stay indoors and in the warmth – apart from the occasional snowball fight, of course. 

So taking the opportunity in Autumn to take some time out and enjoy nature, going on a hiking trip with your do,g, or even camping is the greatest way to bond in nature before you retreat indoors for winter. 

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Pile of Leaves

Sometimes the best kind of activity to do with your dog in Autumn is the simplest of them all. As we fall further and further into autumn, you’ll notice that the leaves are falling and likely need clearing up. 

Why not combine cleaning up with a bit of fun and get all the leaves in a pile and let your dog have some fun and scatter the leaves for you only to pile up again. 

Cosy Snuggle Days

It wouldn’t be autumn without some rain and cold weather, so after a long walk with your pup, coming home and drying up, having a snuggle and some playtime with some brain games while you both warm-up is another fun activity to focus on. 

Will you be trying any of these activities to do with your dog in autumn, or do you have some suggestions for other activities to do with your dog in autumn too?

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