Treat, Recall, Repeat - Building up recall the easy way

Building up recall the easy way… Treat, Recall, Repeat

Building up recall the easy way… Treat, Recall, Repeat

Last week I told you why we believe in the dog games we’re sharing with you for free each week.

They’re a wonderfully quick and easy way to (1) enrich our dog’s lives, (2) give them the stimulation they need and (3) to help build an even better relationship with them by sneaking in some training they don’t notice.

This week the critical part is #3 building a better relationship by training without training.


Recall Training without training

As soon as I absolutely have to do something it immediately becomes a chore…

I go full teenager… Do I have to?… How can I weasel my way out of it?… What if I fall down those last few stairs?

That’s why these games work for us too – it’s a game, play, have fun and finish when you want to.

If our dogs are playing with us they’re happy.


Wax on, Wax off

It’s like a fun version of the training Daniel does and then teaches in Karate Kid or the new Cobra-Kai.

I’m sure you all know this already…

He’s taught to wax a car in a specific way – wax on, wax off.

He has no idea that’s the training.

He’s repeating a movement for muscle memory so when he needs it it’s there.

Our lovely little dog games do the same thing but instead of it being a boring task it’s a fun little game that we can enjoy doing for its own sake.

The beauty is in the added benefits…


‘Treat, Recall, Repeat’ – Step by Steps


Today’s game is a bit of fun that can also help with recall.

You just need some tasty treats and a bit of space.

  1. Throw one of your treats forwards…
  2. Let your dog grab their treat…
  3. Then call them back with their name…
  4. Throw the next treat behind you and…
  5. Call them back with their name. 
  6. And repeat…



Use treats your dog can spot and eat quickly.

Always try to end the game on a high with a successful recall.

Give lots of praise for every successful recall.


Thank you

Thank you to Hugo @greatdane_hugo_boss for being this week’s glamorous assistant.

You can see more of him here:




Next week’s game further helps develop your dog’s natural urge to recall.

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