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Your Dog Lacks Confidence? Try this…

Room for One on Top – Happiness Games for Dogs!

Room for One on Top is a lovely game for any dog because it’s a bit of fun – knock things over – get stuck in and work out how to get to the goodies.

However it’s more than that, it can help your dog if they’re skittish, fearful or simply lacking confidence.

Dogs that are reactive to other dogs, people and things often do so when they lack the confidence to investigate.



How does it help build confidence?

Unexpected things can happen in this game.
Bowls come apart and can fall in odd directions.
They can land with a clatter.
This is happening in the safety of your dog’s home.
And there are tasty goodies involved.

Get in your dog’s head…

If your dog lacks confidence, let’s get in their head for a moment.
Fall and Clatter!
What’s that?
Aghh… Ooh goodies!

Repeat with gradually bigger falls and clatters all the while knowing that those sudden noises and movements also come with tasty treats.

Suddenly those unexpected things don’t seem so bad because there might be goodies involve.

Your dog gradually develops the mindset that unexpected things can often mean good things.

Let’s see how the game works…




Step by Steps: Room for One on Top

  1. You need some plastic bowls or beakers (the kind used by children or for camping) and some small treats.
  2. Pop a couple of treats in a bowl.
  3. Pop another bowl on top and add more treats.
  4. Repeat with your other bowls.
  5. Turn them upside down and let your dog try and get to the treats.


Start at the lowest most gentle level

If lack of confidence applies to your dog, start this game at the lowest most gentle level.

Just 2 or 3 plastic bowls on a nice soft carpet.

Then very gradually build up the surprises:

  • Add more bowls.
  • Use a harder surface.
  • Move back to a softer surface but use noisier bowls or cake tins.
  • Add a harder surface again.
  • Use more of the noisier tins.


General Tips

  • No hard and fast rules with the levels just adjust as you see fit.
  • Move back a level or two if it’s too noisy or surprising for your dog.
  • Make sure the bowls or beekers fit together loosely so they come apart easily.
  • Change it up with different ways of stacking.
  • If you use dry food this is a good way for your dog to work for part of their dinner.
  • (You know this already… But always supervise and don’t let them chew what they shouldn’t.)


This DIY game for dogs was brought to you with Luna the labrador.

You can see a video of Luna playing the game in lots of different ways here…

Thanks Luna!



As with all of these games, adjust it to make it work for you and your dog.
Use what you fancy, do what you think is best.
You’re in charge!


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