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Merry Cruftsmass!

Merry Cruftsmass!

It’s that time of year again… When Doggie Cruftsmass visits all the good boy and girl dogs in the world.

Every year Doggie Cruftsmass slides down the chimney,

Steals through the house in the still, crisp darkness of the March night,

Leaving no sign they were ever there but for…

A bag of tasty Bounce and Bella training treats at the feet of your sleeping pooch.

Sounds unlikely but…

I’m assuming your pup woke up to their treats this morning.

Or did they?

It sounds unlikely but maybe Doggie Cruftsmass didn’t leave your dog their treats this year?

We’ve heard of it happening.


But it happens.

Maybe you don’t have a chimney? Possible.

Maybe they haven’t been good boys or girls? IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Maybe instead of travelling all around the world Doggie Cruftsmass overdid their nibbles and fell asleep on the sofa? Highly Likely!


merry cruftsmass

Don’t worry!

Whatever the reason, you don’t need to worry.

Because dogs are notoriously bad at telling the date.

Just grab your dog’s training treats in our Crufts Sale today ** 10% off all Training Treats – including Multipacks! **

Then when they arrive, sneak down in the night with your Doggie Cruftsmass costume on and drop them off.

Don’t worry, it’s easy, I have to do it every year… no chimney.

Guess what else is easy?


It’s Easy to get your discount

Use Code Crufts10 for 10% off our training treats – including Multipacks!

1. Just go to the following page to see the treats included in the offer:

2. Choose your dog’s favourite training treats

3. Click ‘Add to Cart’

4. At checkout, use code: Crufts10

5. That’s it!

As usual, don’t hang around as this offer ends with the last day of Crufts at Midnight Sunday 13/3/22

Have a lovely weekend and if you’re going to Crufts – lucky you!


Some of our very own Bounce and Bella treat lovers are competing today!
Katherine is showing two of her Norwegian Elkhounds on Friday.

Best of luck Team Treskha!

How awesome is that… Some of our own Bounce and Bellians at Crufts!!!


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