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Box of Rolls – Bringing the Happy to Happiness Games

Box of Rolls – Happiness Games for Dogs!

We’ve got a really fun game this week that your dog will really enjoy.Before launching into the game I just had a question for you.

Why are we taking the time and effort to bring you these lovely free happiness games?

From our point of view it’s very straightforward…

Because we believe in the real benefits they can bring.

They’re a wonderfully quick and easy way to enrich our dog’s lives, give them the stimulation they need and to help build an even better relationship with them.


  1. Enrich their Lives
    We’re bringing them something totally different from the day to day. We’ve all felt bored with our lives from time to time. Our dogs are no different – let’s lively up their lives.

  2. Stimulation – Mental & Physical
    With each game played they’ve got to work out what to do. They’ve got to figure out how to get to their treats. They’ve got to try new things – always mentally stimulating and often physically.

  3. A Better Relationship via Sneaky Training
    Most of these games will provide a moment at the beginning when your dog has to focus on you. This focus is so important for your role as a pet parent. Our dogs can confidently look to us for decisions rather than trying to guess what they should be doing.

    Some of the games will also tackle specific issues such as last week’s confidence builder.
    Next week and the week after we’re going to look at a couple of games that can help with the problem of recall.

This week’s game has all three elements but really does push the number one ‘Enrich’ lever the hardest. It’s something different and fun.

It’s called ‘Box of Rolls’…



Step by Steps: ‘Box of Rolls’

  1. A super-simple game to help build your dog’s focus on you

  2. You need a small open box and plenty of empty toilet rolls

  3. Line up the toilet rolls upright in the box

  4. And pop the treats into the rolls

  5. Wait for your dog to focus on you before saying ‘Go!’


  • Squeeze one or both ends of the toilet rolls to increase difficulty.

  • If you use dry food this is a good way for your dog to work for their dinner

  • Hold their collar initially if you need to stop them launching in without looking at you first.

  • Add ‘Ready, Steadyyyyy… Go!’ for more fun.

  • Obviously – don’t let them eat the rolls. If you think they will immediately start munching on them, don’t play the game.


Thank you

Thank you to Ismo @ismo_thegizmo_sausage for being the gorgeous model for this particular game.
You can see more of her here…

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