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Wee Jobbie’s Poo Bags

Wee Jobbie’s Poo Bags

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

Wee Jack was so determined to help save the planet – or at least his own small part – that he was willing to let Wee Jack disappear forever…

After their struggle to discover EN13432 – the certificate that proved a poo bag was genuinely compostable – Wee Jack and his parents realised they were in the perfect position to help the thousands and thousands of people struggling to find genuinely biodegradable poo bags.

They started the search for a factory that could help them make their own certified, fully compostable poo bags…

The Perfect Factory

After a few mis-steps and false starts, stories for another day, they found the perfect factory.

It could make bags from 100% compostable Cornstarch, with even the inks on the bag being compostable.

The bags had, of course, an EN13432 certificate.

The factory itself was powered by 100% renewable energy – coastal wind power.

It was also certified ‘zero emissions’, with 0% use of water because it cleaned and recirculated all water used in the bag production.

Starting and stopping the machines leads to scrap material, but even that was reused and blended back in at the start of each production run.

Very happy with what they found, Wee Jack and his parents placed their first order…


Wee Jack Sells Poo Bags…

Wee Jack spent weeks waiting impatiently by the front door until the first batch arrived – they were perfect.

All the bags were strong, tough and large enough to handle what even the biggest dogs produced.

Wee Jack thought the bags looked lovely too, although maybe that was because they had an image of Wee Jack himself on the front.

Wee Jack’s dog parents started selling them to friends, family and folks they knew from their dog walking hills.

Word spread quickly (not unlike microplastic).

And soon people started calling for them but most didn’t know Wee Jack’s name, they only knew him as the wee jobbie dog.


Wee Jobbie’s Poo Bags

So the next time Wee Jack’s mum and dad placed their bag order they added the phrase ‘Wee Jobbie’s Poo Bags’ to the front of the bag.

Wee Jack didn’t mind, it was still his image on the front of the bags.

More than that, he’d turned his nightmares into a dream and if people remembered his bags best as Wee Jobbie’s bags he couldn’t care less.

Especially because now his bags have finally made it online…


wee jobbies biodegradable poo bags

Genuinely Compostable and Biodegradable Poo Bags On Sale Now!

If you want your own fully & genuinely biodegradable and compostable poo bags from Wee Jobbie… we’ve got them in stock now!

They’re easy to order, just click the link below and add the amount you want to your basket.

Even better, they’re currently discounted at a special New Release price – until sunday 23rd July 2023

And of course – they’re fully guaranteed with our unique Sniff and Love Guarantee.

Genuinely biodegradable poo bags 4 pack
Genuinely biodegradable poo bags  8 pack
Genuinely biodegradable poo bags 16 pack


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