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Venison Nibbles and Dogs in the Wind…

Venison Nibbles and Dogs in the Wind


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

What’s your dog like when you walk them in the wind?

Roscoe is absolutely fine on our usual walk except… except…

When the wind is howling and swirling in from every which way.

In which case Roscoe can go a bit nuts.

Skittish would be the polite term, I’m guessing it’s all the sounds and smells coming at him – sensory doggie overload.

So… maybe it was a particularly windy day when we went a bit nuts 🤪 and ended up with far too many venison nibbles…

Why do venison nibbles rock?

  • Dogs utterly adore their delicious gamey flavour.
  • Single ingredient treat – no big brand hidden nasties – just venison.
  • Venison is a lesser-used protein – your dog is unlikely to have any allergy or sensitivity issues with it.
  • They currently have a 5/5 review score – 100% loved – out of 52 reviews!
  • And of course you’re always backed by our Sniff and Love Guarantee

You can find them on the Special Offers Page (along with other tasty discounts)…


Like sniffs on the wind, this price won’t be around for long – jump in there while they’re still available.

Have yourself a lovely weekend!


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