Roscoe and his treat ball
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Treat Balls for Happy Dogginess…

Treat Balls for Happy Dogginess…


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

So it’s not even the end of January and we’ve had 10 named storms – unless a Katy or a Kirstine turn up today to make it 11.

Windier, rainier winters often means less outside-time for our dogs to enjoy their hobbies of mooching, snuffling and sniffing.

Games are a great way to activate their snuffling senses indoors. For Gill and I our first port of call to keep Roscoe amused is his treat balls.

We’re activating Roscoe’s snuffling as treats fall out and disappear out of view. And it keeps his brain active, as he has to figure out how the heck am I getting this one out?

  • Bang ball on floor.
  • Nibble.
  • Scratch.
  • Whinge about it.
  • More nibbling.
  • Take it over to the hoomans.

Brain and snuffling work plus treats equals a happy dog!

Treat Dispensers for Variety…

So if you haven’t got a treat ball or fancy adding some more variety to your dog’s indoor life we’ve got just the treat balls (and treats) for you – and for the next few days they’re HALF PRICE!

You can find them on the Special Offers Page (alongside a number of other tasty discounts)…

Have yourself a lovely weekend whatever the weather,


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