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Heads-Up and Overstock…

Heads-Up and Overstock…


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

Hope you’re managed ok with the cold spell, Wednesday was the first day that I can remember not actually getting Roscoe on a walk.

It was just pure ice everywhere. Better one day playing a few games inside than a month of no walks thanks to a broken ankle.

I may have overdone the thinking there but better to be safe.

And talking of overdoing it, we have some overstocks on some of our best-selling items that your lovely dawg might enjoy



We simply over-ordered on some of our more popular products and we’re having a flap about it – so we’ve decided to get the price down early for you and your lovely pooch.

You can find them with a lovely discount here on the Special Offer page:



I mentioned this in the Wednesday email but just to confirm if you missed it…

We’ve been hit by a surprise price rise and are going to have to increase the price of the best selling Fish Training Treats and the Poultry Training Treats for Dogs.

Not something we planned to do. However we can’t afford not to.

We’re going to keep the multipacks at the same price for the moment but it is something we’ll have to keep an eye on.

The price change will take effect this coming Monday 22nd Jan and will go from £10 up to about the £11 mark.

If you’re thinking of buying them before the price rise you can find them here: ULTIMATE TRAINING TREATS – Poultry – Fish

Thank you again for your continued support of Bounce and Bella – we hugely appreciate it!

Have yourself an utterly lovely weekend,


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