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Tasting Platter Multipack Discount

Printer leads to Discount…


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

I bought a new printer this week, I’ve been avoiding doing it for a couple of months – hate the research part.

I even wrote out all the Christmas card addresses by hand this year to avoid it (a pack of address labels and a printer is such a time saver!).

Apparently to get the best printer for my needs I had to go through a shopping questionnaire.

Here’s kind of what happened…

#1 Did you know we do a Tasting Platter for dogs?

Go to #2

I hadn’t heard…
We do! It’s a darn-tootin delicious tasty collection of single item (mostly) goodies we think your dog will adore. A lovely inexpensive way to gather a few new treats together for your dog to try (eg. Pizzles, beef skin, chicken breast, rabbit ears)
You can find it here:

#2 Have you ordered from the Tasting Platter?

Go to #3

Not yet…
You’ll love the prices & selection, and naturally your dog will absolutely adore trying all those tasty new goodies…
You can find it here:

#3 Did you know we now have Tasting Platter Multipacks?

Go to #4

I hadn’t heard…
Each of the tasting platter items now have their own multipack.
So for example, instead of buying one beef pizzle you can buy them in discounted packs of 5.
Go to #4 for a discount…


#4 There’s a limited time 10% discount code for use on the platter multipacks!

It’s a 10% discount but ONLY for use on items on the following page:

How to use your 10% discount on already discount multipacks?

  1. Go to the following page:
  2. Choose your dog’s favourites
  3. Apply this code at discount: MP10
  4. That’s it!

    Don’t hang around – offer ends Monday 12/2/24 – and we don’t hold the greatest amount of platter stock.

Have yourself a lovely weekend!

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