Towel Twisting… Happiness Games for Dogs
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Towel Twisting – Happiness Games for Dogs

Towel Twisting – Happiness Games for Dogs


No Towel Munchers Allowed…

Do you fancy trying the second easiest game in the entire history of easy dog games?


Because this is the one. It’s almost as easy as last week’s paper scrunching game.

As Yogi Berra once said, this is like deja vu all over again because just like last week’s game – it’s easy for us but our dogs will have to work for it.

Which once again is perfect, because our dogs still love to work for their tuck.


And I’m getting deja vu all over again, again, because just like last week a quick reminder of the obvious…

If you think your dog will be a towel muncher – sit this game out.

If your dog starts chewing the towel mid game  – take it off them.

When they’ve got all their goodies, take the towel away.


And now – to the game…


‘Towel Twisting’ – Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun



A quick & easy game to help build your dog’s attention on YOU…


  1. Grab your dog’s favourite treats

  2. Spread the treats on an old tea towel

  3. Roll, then twist the towel

  4. Pop it on the floor and wait for your dog to look  at you

  5. Release them with ‘Go!’

  6. Watch them do battle with a towel for their tasty treats!!!




  • Don’t let your dog begin chewing on the towel.

  • Add extra treats as you roll and twist.

  • Tea towels are easier to use than towels.

  • Increase fun with ‘Ready, Steady’ then ‘Go’.

Thank you

Thank you to Indie @indietherottweiller_ for being this week’s gorgeously glamorous assistant.

You can see more of them here:




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