Sock Drying Treats… Happiness Games for Dogs
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Sock Drying Treats… Happiness Games for Dogs

Sock Drying Treats – Happiness Games for Dogs


The best use for sock dryers…

Do you think your sock dryer is only good for:

  1. Drying socks & undies, forgetting about them, letting them get rained on, drying them again and forgetting about them again?
  2. Banging your head on?
  3. Drying tea bags for reuse?

Those would all be great ways to use your sock dryer but lucky for you and your dawg we’ve come up with an even better use for it… the ‘Sock Drying Treats’ game for dogs!

As always, it’s very easy to set up.

You just need a sock dryer, some empty lavatory rolls and some tasty Bounce and Bella treats.


Couple of notes of caution:

When you peg the rolls on make sure they will come off very easily – otherwise you’ll end up with bits of snapped sock dryer everywhere.

Don’t let your dog munch the lavy rolls.


And now – to the game…


‘Sock Drying Treats’ – Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun



A lively game just for fun!


  1. Fold one end of a toilet roll and pop in some treats

  2. Fold over the other end of the toilet roll

  3. Attach it loosely to the sock dryer

  4. Hold the sock dryer up

  5. Enjoy watching your dog get their goodies




  • Use your best judgement – gently peg on the rolls – they should come off easily

  • Don’t allow your dog to munch the rolls

  • If your dog is a cardboard eater – this is not the game for them

Thank you

Thank you to Mylo @mylo_thestaffx for being this week’s gorgeously glamorous assistant.


You can see more of them here:




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