Towel Rolling Games for Dogs

Towel Rolling – Happiness Games for Dogs

Towel Rolling – Happiness Games for Dogs!

An easy go-to-game to help build your dog’s attention on YOU…

Being able to grab your dog’s attention is super important and these simple DIY games for dogs really help.

We need to develop a role with our dogs where we’re the center of our dog’s lives and they look to us to help with good decision making.

This game was created for the gorgeous Oscar.  You can see much more of him here:



Towel Rolling – A DIY training game…

Let’s help build your dog’s focus on YOU…

  • While your dog is watching, grab a tea towel and begin to roll it.
  • As you roll it pop a few treats in occasionally and keep rolling
  • Wait for your dog’s focus…
  • And release them with ‘Go!’
  • Watch them battle with a towel for their delicious treats

Such an easy game to play! you just need an old towel and a few treats – that’s’ it!

Quick Tips

  • If you’re new to these games it may take a while for your dog to look at you.

  • Be patient and release them on the slightest glance initially – they’ll learn that it’s the look to you that lets them go.

  • Try building the buzz up with a bit of tantalising…  ‘Ready, Steady aaaaaaaaaand GO!’

  • If your hound has a favourite toy you could try wrapping that up instead.

  • This could be a good game for that digging dog in your life – be careful where you put your towel though!

  • A great regular game to play because you don’t need much to play it – just treats and an old towel.

  • Try using their daily food allowance instead of treats – let them earn their dinner.

The step by step gif video is above for you to check out but here’s the link to the real life Oscar doing his stuff!
You can see his lovely focus as he waits to get stuck into his towel and tasty treats…

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1 year ago

Brilliant idea, both my girls love sniffing out treats and get so used to a game. Great to have new ideas. I’m loving these games never mind the dogs! Thank you