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Help for large breeds…

Help for large breeds…

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you! 

Poor old large breeds, they used to be kings and queens of the doggie world.

They were the most popular dogs, the most powerful, suave, smart and sophisticated … or am I thinking of Daniel Craig?

But now the smaller breeds have taken over the Top Dog rankings – it’s chock full of Frenchies, Cavapoos, Cockers, Dachshunds and of course the ever popular Jack Russell Terrorists (as one of our earliest and loveliest customers calls her dogs).

Being the proud owner of Emperor Roscoe (self-titled) it’s amazing that it’s taken us as long as this to release our large breed food… 

But it’s here now and there are three great reasons why it’s worth switching over…


    Many bigger breeds eat too quickly causing bloating and digestive issues.

    Larger kibble for larger breeds means they are more likely to slow down when eating.

    Kibble size is 20mm x 20mm x 10mm compared to the usual size of 14mm x 14mm x 5mm.


    Because there’s more weight on the joints of your large breed dog we’ve added supplements to the food specifically to help – those include – Omega 3, Linseed, Glucosamine, Methylsulfonylmethane, Chondroitin Sulphate


    Being big means much more skin and coat than smaller dogs and skin is one of the areas neglected by many dog foods.

    Both of the new large breed food options are 50% meat which means plenty of the nutrients our dogs need. The other major ingredient is sweet potato which is high in B vitamins, famously wonderful for skin.

    The linseed and Omega 3 oils which work so well for joints also help stop the skin becoming dry and itchy.

Delicious Discount for Longer

You can have a look at the large breed dog food (including samples) here: https://shop.bounceandbella.co.uk/collections/large-breed

They may not all be showing as in stock yet as typically I got over excited and had to announce their arrival immediately but if that’s the case they should all be up and running by Monday.

Because I was so quick off the blocks we’re doing the large breed discount for longer than usual. We’re offering 20% off for the next week but then it’s gone.

Use Code LargeBreed20 for 20% off here’s how…

1. Just go to the following page:

2. Click ‘Add to Cart’

3. At checkout, use code: LargeBreed20

4. That’s it!

Offer ends Midnight Next Friday 4th March.

If you’ve any questions, just reply to this email.

Not sure how crazy the weather is this weekend but have yourself a lovely one,

Large breed absolute awesomeness on show right here from an email complaint!


I wish to complain about your poultry training treats. I first started using them when my German shepherd Luther was a little reactive to other dogs whilst on his lead. They proved just the distraction he needed whilst we passed other dogs as he was much more interested in them than other dogs. That was all good but it now appears he likes them so much he sometimes just lies down and refuses to move until he gets one !!!

This is Luther waiting for a training treat at 6.45 one morning. He doesn’t care how cold it is or if it’s raining he just lays down and refuses to get up until he gets a treat.  As he weighs 40kg I gave no chance of making him get up. So my complaint is obviously the treats are just too nice 😊

Many thanks Karen and Luther

When I emailed to address the ‘complaint’ Karen let me know Luther has got worse!

“Now every time I throw his tennis ball it costs me a training treat to get it back. Otherwise he just runs away when I try and get it from him. Can you stop making them so tasty please.”



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