Towel Hiding – DIY games for Dogs

Towel Hiding – DIY games for Dogs

Towel Hiding- Happiness Games for Dogs!

Another great game to build your dog’s attention on YOU…

We never know when we’ll need our dog’s focus so these simple DIY games for dogs where we’re regularly asking for their focus really help.

This game was created with the fantastic Maui in  mind.  You can see more of them here:

Towel Hiding – A DIY training game…

A great game to build your dog’s attention on YOU…

  • Spread your dog’s favourite treats on the floor
  • Cover them with a towel
  • Wait for your dog’s focus
  • Release them with ‘Go!’
  • Watch them battle with a towel for their delicious treats

This could be a great go-to game because it’s so simple and every time you ask for your dog’s attention on you before you let them go wild on the towel.

Quick Tips

  • At first they may only look at you (rather than the treats) for a split second – that’ll do at first – let them go then.

  • As they learn to look at you expect them to hold their gaze on you longer

  • Then… Try increasing the fun, eagerness and excitement with ‘Readyyyyy, Steadyyyy’ and then ‘Go’

  • Try using their favourite toys instead

  • This is a good game for diggers to get into – choose where you put the treats and towel wisely though!

  • An easy daily game because it’s so simple – just treats and an old towel.

We’ve added a gif video for you to check out below. If it’s slow to load you can check it out directly here:





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