Mucky Roscoe still feeling sorry for himself
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Mystery Stomach Bug Warning

Mystery Stomach Bug Warning…

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you! 


At the weekend Roscoe came down with the mystery stomach bug that’s been working its way across the country.

Apparently it started in the North of England, most likely Yorkshire.

The British Veterinary Association issued a statement in mid-January and since then it’s been statistically updated to an outbreak rather than just a seasonal variation.


Looking very sorry for himself…

Roscoe started looking both tired and very sorry for himself after his Saturday morning walk and that was followed by some pretty lively sickness and diarrhoea.

The s&d continued but to a lesser extent. He refused food for the next couple of days but was drinking plenty of water throughout.

Just as we were about to consider calling the Vet he came out of his safe space behind the sofa, chirped up, ate a little and brought us his favourite toy after his partial dinner.

The last couple of evenings he only ate half his dinner so he’s still working his way back to fitness, but at least the postie is getting barked at again.

He has been out on a walk the last couple of days but only for small smell journeys – apparently the advice is to avoid walks during illness to avoid spreading and because they simply need the rest


Scare stories, advice and worried pet parents…

Facebook is filling up on scare stories, advice and worried pet parents.

This gastroenteritis looking bug seems to vary in ferocity so use your best judgement.

But if you’re worried then ring your vet so they can gauge the seriousness and how they can best help.

If you want more information the best post I’ve seen on it so far is here at Dogs First:

Lots of good advice but always consult your vet if you’re worrying.

With Storm Eunice also here or on her way to you – have yourself a very safe weekend,

Serious email this week so just to offset that why not check out the winner of last week’s Valentine Competition.

Mighty congratulations to Oscar and his proud doggie Mum Caroline on winning a multipack of Oscar’s favourite treats.

Caroline provided Oscar’s Valentine Tinder profile pic and it’s as disturbing as it is hilarious…


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