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Focus and Treat – Games for Dogs

Focus and Treat – Happiness Games for Dogs!

This is a great game to build your dog’s attention on YOU…

You never know when you’re going to need your dog’s focus so the more you can build it up the easier and happier your relationship will be.

This game was created with the gorgeous Teddy in  mind.  You can see more of him here:

Focus and Treat – A DIY training game…

A great game to build your dog’s attention on YOU…

  • Grab yourself some tasty treats.
  • With your dog in front of you hold the treats up near your head.
  • They’ll stare at the treats but … As soon as they even glance at you say ‘YES’
  • And let them have some treats.
  • Try a few more times… Each time move your hand further and further away from your head.
  • They’ll gradually learn to look directly at you for their goodies…

This is a wonderfully simple game that can increase your dogs day to day focus on YOU.

Quick Tips

  • Be patient, no treats until they look at your eyes – but the slightest glance will do initially.
  • If you’ve advanced but they’ve stopped looking you in the eye – just move the treat nearer to your eyes again. Then work your way back out again. There’s no rush.

We’ve added a gif video for you to check out below. If it’s slow to load you can check it out directly here:




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