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Towel hiding – Easy DIY Games for Dogs

Towel hiding – Easy DIY Games for Dogs


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

Another super-simple game – all you need is…

Bounce and Bella Treats
Old Towel
Hound dog

 Mostly it’s a lovely snuffling game for your dawg, but always get that focus on you first before letting them get started.

Towel Hiding – Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun

Here we go…

  1. A super super simple game to build your dog’s attention on YOU…
  2. Spread your dog’s favourite treats on the floor
  3. Cover them with a towel
  4. Wait for your dog’s focus on you rather the treats
  5. Release them with ‘Go!’
  6. Watch them battle with a towel for their delicious treats
  7. This can be a great go-to game to build up that focus because it’s so so simple.




  • At first they may only look at you (rather than the treats) for a split second – that’ll do at first – let them go then.

  • As they learn to look at you expect them to hold their gaze on you longer

  • Then… Try increasing the fun, eagerness and excitement with ‘Readyyyyy, Steadyyyy’ and then ‘Go’

  • Try using their favourite toys instead

  • This is a good game for diggers to get into – choose where you put the treats and towel wisely though!

  • An easy daily game because it’s so simple – just treats and an old towel.





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