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Scrunchy paper treats – Easy DIY Games for Dogs

Scrunchy paper treats – Easy DIY Games for Dogs


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

Another one of our super easy diy games for dogs – all you need is…

Bounce and Bella Treats
Your dawg

 It’s a lovely game for your dog to snuffle through the paper and get to their treats. 
But as usual, try and get that focus from your dog onto you before letting them go for it.

Talking of going for it… make sure the paper is very loosely squashed together so your dog doesn’t feel the need to bite their way in.

If you know you’re dog is a paper muncher this isn’t the game for them. 

And of course if your dog starts munching paper take it away


Step by Steps

  1. A super super simple game to build your dog’s attention on YOU…
  2. Pop the treats on the paper
  3. Give the paper a light scrunching
  4. Add a few extra treats down the sides to get your dog interested
  5. Add a bit of excitement around the paper and treats
  6. Wait for your dog’s focus on you rather the paper and treats
  7. Release them with ‘Go!’
  8. Watch them snuffle their way through for their delicious treats
  9. Get rid of the paper nice and early so there’s no danger of paper munching.




  • At first they may only look at you (rather than the treats) for a split second – that’ll do at first – let them go then.

  • As they learn to look at you expect them to hold their gaze on you longer

  • Then… Try increasing the fun, eagerness and excitement with ‘Readyyyyy, Steadyyyy’ and then ‘Go’

  • Try scrunching the paper up a little bit tighter if your dog gets in too easily but be aware of paper munching
  • Avoid this game if you know your dog is paper muncher
  • An easy game because it’s so simple – just treats and some paper.





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