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Focus and Catch – Easy DIY Games for you and your Dawg

Focus and Catch – Easy DIY Games for Dogs


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

More help here for grabbing your dog’s focus when you need it. 

We’re building up a habit of your dog looking at you… so when something unexpected happens they fall back on their habit of looking to you.

This easy DIY game is an extension of the previous game ‘Focus and Treat’ – have a go at that first if you haven’t already.


Focus and Catch – Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun

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Here we go…

  1. Grab a few tasty treats

  2. Have your dog sitting in front of you

  3. Hold out a treat away from you

  4. Wait for your dog to look at you (it may only be the slightest glance when you’re starting out)

  5. Say ‘Yes’ and throw them the treat when they look at you

  6. Repeat




  • Try focus and treat first if you’ve not tried that – it’s an easier start.

  • Be patient and wait for that glance

  • Quit while you’re both winning

  • Have fun whether they’re catching or not
  • Gradually move back when they’re comfortable and get those long catches going

  • Use a practice throw arc to help your dog if they’re struggling like Roscoe





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