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Tilly’s Love and Hate…

Tilly’s Love and Hate…

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

Gill and I went round to my sister’s house for a bit of an evening.

Excuse me if details are a bit loose, it’s one of those houses where your cup really does doth runneth over.

House of the eternal top-up.

But to my point… they have a lovely young Border Terrier called Tilly.


Tilly is incredibly chilled except…

Despite the increasing mayhem around her Tilly just lay around sleeping or watching with a single wary eye.

This chill was the norm except on two occasions.

Firstly when a cat suddenly appeared at the patio doors and Tilly went full cartoon dog on the smooth tiled floor.

Secondly when my sister unexpectedly pulled out a box of Tilly’s favs – Chicken Nibbles.

Zoom… Tilly from a lying start is sitting in front of her Mum’s feet in 0.67 seconds flat.

Tilly spent the next few minutes bouncing between front paws and grumbling increasingly loudly at my sister’s degraded motor skills.

If you want to enjoy a few drinks, then listen to your dog grumbling at your feet because you can no longer open a box… today’s offer is definitely for you.


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As ever, any questions just let us know.




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