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Strikes and Shipping

Strikes and Shipping…

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you! 


Lucy, our wonderful customer service person, has asked me to reach out to you about the Royal Mail strikes.

I don’t remember Lucy ever asking me to do that before so it’s clearly strongly affecting your deliveries.

The Royal Mail strikes are frequent and ongoing.

For maximum impact they’re deliberately alternating between: 

  • Parcel and Letter deliveries
  • Network & National Distribution
  • Parcel and letter processing and distribution
  • Collections from Post Offices and Postboxes

This is beginning to cause a cascading delay even on those days where there are no strikes.

I’ll link here to the latest strike days BUT because delays are now part of the system the actual days are less important.

If you add an extra few days to every Royal Mail delivery – you won’t be far wrong.


Fully traceable and contactable…

We moved from Hermes to Royal Mail earlier in the year for smaller parcels.

And the service has until now been far superior. 

The strikes and consequent delays are very annoying and will certainly be an issue on the run up to Christmas – this is the third year in a row where I’ll have to say order early.

But compared to Hermes at least Royal Mail have a fully traceable system, can be contacted and for most of us a more helpful regular postie.

Occasional missing parcels will always happen but Royal Mail do make them easier for us to deal with.

Still no show? Please, please do get in touch…

Please, please do get in touch with us if after those extra few days the parcel still hasn’t turned up – we accept responsibility for all parcels from all couriers – and we’ll sort it out.

However being such a small firm – we do just have Lucy helping you with problems – so if you could just give Royal Mail parcels a few days longer than usual that will help her hugely.

It’s like Christmas without the tinsel –  order early & expect a few extra days for deliveries.

Thank you for your patience,



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