Focus and Go diy game for dog
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Focus & Go – DIY Games for Dogs

Focus & Go – DIY Games for Dogs


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

Your dog’s focus is the foundation of a wonderful relationship. A dog that doesn’t look to their owner for help with decision making may well attempt to make decisions themselves in a world they’re ill equipped to deal with.

If your dog doesn’t look to you for decisions games like this one can really help. 

Simply waiting for them to look at you if they want something – and you giving approval turns you into the decision maker in the household.

Your dog will start to look to you to make decisions in other areas like recall or walking.


‘Focus & Go’ Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun



Here we go …

  1. A simple game for focus

  2. Wait for your dog’s focus before letting them outside

  3. Be patient

  4. When they look at you, use ‘Yes’ or ‘Go’ to release them

  5. Repeat to build their habit of looking to you for decisions




  • Having your dog’s focus is the foundation for a great relationship.

  • Try this game before entering rooms or leaving the house.

  • Looking for approval from you helps your dog avoid bad decisions.

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