raw feeding for senior dogs

Raw Feeding for Senior Dogs

Raw Feeding for Senior Dogs

Raw feeding for senior dogs is just the same as when you raw feed your adult dog. Simply feed your dog 2-3% of their body weight in raw food daily, and you’re good to go. 

However, the 2-3% definitely becomes more of a guideline. As your dog gets older and starts to slow down you will probably find you need to decrease this to match their activity levels, with senior dogs often dropping below the 2% mark.

Always bear in mind that this is a guideline, a starting point, for you to use your best judgement and adjust as necessary.

Moreover, 80:10:10 raw feeding provides all the nutrients that your dog needs, with adult and senior dogs, feel free to add some extras as a treat, such as cooked vegetables, leftovers, sprats, or even a raw egg as variety is always what’s best for your dog.

The Benefits of Raw Feeding

Although there are benefits to raw feeding whatever your dog’s age, for seniors especially, there are added benefits that can help combat the ageing process.

  • Raw Feeding can help boost your dog’s immune system. 
  • Provide the nutrition to support their joints better as they get older due to the higher levels of amino acids present in the food.
  • Improve their energy levels.
  • Improve their digestion since raw doesn’t contain any fillers, making it easier for your senior dog to digest. 

Are you thinking of trying raw feeding for your senior dog? If so, check out Darren’s experience of transitioning his dog Roscoe over to a senior diet in Diary of a Roscoe.

If you have any other questions about raw feeding, then check out our raw feeding FAQ guide.

Or if you’d like to check out our raw dog food line for yourself, you can find it here: https://shop.bounceandbella.co.uk/collections/raw-dog-food

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