raw feeding for puppies

Raw Feeding For Puppies

Whenever you mention raw feeding, the first thing that comes to mind is how complicated and complex it will be, which often causes you to perform mental gymnastics to work out if it’s feasible or not – especially if it involves raw feeding for puppies. 

Easier Than You Think…

However, it’s not as complex as you’d presume raw feeding puppies would be. The only difference with raw feeding for puppies is that you’ll have to feed them more and often since they’re at the development and growth stage, meaning they need lots of fuel to keep them going and they’ve only got small tummies! 

When Can You Start Feeding Your Puppy Raw?

You can start feeding raw as soon as you get your new puppy home.

Some breeders will wean a puppy from its mother’s milk straight onto raw, but if they’ve been brought up partially on dry food, then you can still make the switch to raw feeding.

How Much Food Should I Feed My Puppy on a Raw Diet?

As we’ve already mentioned, most people think raw feeding for puppies is a complicated process, but this may be due to there being two different methods of feeding your puppy raw. 

Raw Feeding Puppies Option One (and the easiest!):

If you know the expected adult weight of your dog, then you can simply feed your puppy 2% of their expected adult weight per day and continue this right through to adulthood. 

For example, if we have a Jack Russell Puppy and knew their expected adult weight was 8kg, then 2% of that would be 160grams of raw food per day. 

Raw Feeding Puppies Option Two:

Option Two is great if you aren’t exactly sure what your puppy’s expected adult weight will be, for example, if they are a crossbreed. With option two, this means you’ll feed your puppy 10% of their current body weight and slowly decrease this down to 2% for when they’re an adult.

2-4 Months Old8-10% of their current body weight. 
4-6 Months Old6-8% of their current body weight.
6-8 Months Old4-6% of their current body weight.
8-12 Months Old2-4% of their current body weight.
12+ Months OldAround 2% of their current body weight.

Always use your Best Judgement

Remember, the percentage of food is just a guideline as you will know your puppy best and their needs. So feel free to adjust the amounts depending on their breed, age, activity levels and temperament.

If you’d like to know more about our own raw dog food line visit: 

If you have any other questions about raw feeding then also check out our raw feeding FAQ guide.

If you’ve still got questions about raw feeding your puppy all the information you’ll ever need is in this fantastic article by Primal Pooch.

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[…] (if you’re unsure of what their adult weight will be, there’s an alternative method here: https://bounceandbella.co.uk/raw-feeding-for-puppies).Importantly every dog is different, and 2-3% is a mere guideline.Our GSD Roscoe is currently […]


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