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No Hands Dog Poo Bag Holder

No Hands Dog Poo Bag Holder

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

Gill likes a bit of company when she does the Aldi shop so I’m given the ‘shopping trolley job’.

Just about trusted to follow Gill with the shopping trolley, I let myself down every time at the same place… in the ‘When it’s gone it’s gone’ section. I love it.

What we have for you today is our very mini-version…

No Hands Dog Poo Bag Holder


Very simple but very No-Handy

We have only 50 49 (I snaffled one) No Hands Dog Poo Bag Holders.

Don’t enjoy carrying a full poo bag while you’re out walking your dog?

You’re on a circular route and they decide to go just too far past the last bin – and you’re left holding it for the next mile?

Here’s an easy hands free solution until you reach that next bin…

  • Easy to use – simply clip onto the handle of your dog’s lead, your bag or pram.
  • Durable and Washable – silicone body with a strong carabiner clip.
  • No-quibble Guarantee – of course.


No Hands Poo Bag Holder for only £2.50…

They are single items that we are selling for just £2.50. You can find them on their own here:

|| PLEASE NOTE – You can get a Tasting Platter discount with this – BUT you need to add items using the platter bundle – on the tasting platter page – see below for details… ||

Discounts and Free Shipping

You could also go to the Tasting Platter page and choose a few delights to try out on your lovely pooch.

If you buy any combination of 5 items – you’ll get 10% off and free shipping (which means free shipping with a spend of just £12.50).

5-9 packs of any Platter products — Free Shipping & 10% off

10-14 — Free Shipping & 15% off 

15+ — Free Shipping & 20% off


How to Order…

Just go to The Tasting Platter page:

  • Click on the ‘No-hands doo poo holder’ or any of the items your dog might fancy
  • They’re added to a bundle (You can see it at the bottom of the Platter page)
  • Finish adding what you want
  • Click the shaky ‘Add to Cart’ button at the bottom of the page.
  • And you’ll go to checkout

Have yourself a lovely weekend,

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