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Pig Ear Strips 10p

Pig Ear Strips 10p !!!

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!


We’ve got some very short-dated Pigs Ear Strip packs.

Their best before date is the 5th December.

So to make sure they go to good homes and don’t go to waste — they’re up at 10p per pack.

There are only a couple of hundred left – so don’t hang around… We had over 100 paddywhacks in stock the other week (thinking that was loads) and they’d gone within two hours.

If they’re still in stock you’ll find them here:


Black Friday Next Week

Next week is the start of our Black Friday.

On Friday we’ll start advertising and letting it be known on social media.

Again, don’t hang around – we’re still getting used to stocking levels of the Tasting Platter items – we may well misjudge.


Xmas Bundles and Tasting Platter Bundles

We’ll have the Xmas bundles on sale as usual next week and we’ll also be creating larger bundles of some of the Tasting Platter items – very last minute with this – as I’m typing I still don’t know which items will be available.



The closer we get to Christmas, the madcap and unpredictable postage can be. This year the Amazon strikes will undoubtedly have unseen effects as they try to mitigate their problems.

We’ll always help if a parcel doesn’t arrive, just let us know.

But if you could help us by ordering well before you need it, allowing 7-10 days to turn up (unless it’s raw food) and when you get in touch with us letting Lucy know your order number or the email you used to order.

That’s it – hope you enjoy next week’s Black Friday and your lovely dawg enjoys their tasty discounted treats and food!

Good Luck!



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