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Cookies are back… Bigger and Better than ever!

Cookies are back…
Bigger and Better than ever!

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

Our old supplier suddenly stopped making the delicious whitefish and potato cookies.

Knowing so many dog loved them we decided to find replacements.

It’s been one heck of a hecking battle.

It’s tricky to find sources that don’t want to squeeze a bit of extra profit out of our dogs by adding unnecessary grain or derivative nasties in there.

It took a while but we got there – and they’re a bigger and better version than ever!


Bigger & Better

They’re bigger but they’ll break easily for smaller dogs.

Both new & old cookies included just 2 ingredients: whitefish & potato.

Now the new improved cookies are 85% whitefish, 15% potato.
Whereas the old ones were 60% whitefish, 40% potato.

Potato works well binding the whitefish into the cookie, it’s also fat-free, cholesterol free and a good source of fibre – so great for digestion.

However, protein is always the most important ingredient for dogs and there’s now double the protein!
Old cookies: 20.8% protein
New cookies: 42.8% protein


And including more Whitefish is great because it’s…

A great source of lean protein – good for digestion and great for dogs that are intolerant to more usual proteins.

Rich in Omega-3 – good for easing itching caused by dry skin and coat and adding essential oils to both.

Good for dogs intolerant of usual proteins like chicken and beef

Great for dogs needing a low fat diet for controlling weight gain or pancreatitis (cookies are low fat, under 10% fat).

Good for senior dogs needing to control weight, help with joints and cognitive function.

Back in Stock Offer – Cookies35

If your dog loved the previous cookies or you fancy trying them out with your dog for the first time – we’ve got a lovely offer for you until Midnight Sunday 20/8/23 …
35% off using code: Cookies35

Here’s what to do…

1. Just go to Bounce and Bella:

2. Add the Cookies to Cart

4. At checkout, use code: Cookies35

5. That’s it – and remember we’ve got you covered with our unique Sniff & Love Guarantee

Have yourself a lovely Friday,



We’ve changed the packaging on the poultry training treats.
And some of the new packaged treats have sneaked out early amongst the old ones.

If you do get some of the lovely new packaged poultry training treats – take a photo and @BounceandBella on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to win some of your dog’s favourite treats!


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