13 brand new dog treats - the Tasting Platter
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13 Brand New Dog Treats

13 Brand New Dog Treats!
The Tasting Platter

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!


Packing Line Comes Good!

Andy has got the new packing line flowing,13 Brand New Products!

It took a while to set up because Andy is such a details dude. 

And thank goodness.

There’s been a rise in people selling dog treats out of their own homes and the risk of cross-contamination leading to salmonella for you and your dog has sky-rocketted.

For this email I asked Andy what we do to make sure all our products are safe, the very short answer is we got help from Michelle, a BRC auditor and consultant with 20 years experience to get our food safety standard systems in place.

I’ll pop Andy’s longer answer in the PS.

13 Brand new products – get that for a shocker!

The result of our lovely new packing line is that we’ve got 13 new delicious & nutritious air-dried, tasties for your dog to try. 

All at a single low price plus free shipping and bigger and bigger discounts when buying more.

We’ve called it the Tasting Platter because you get the chance to grab a few tasty treats at once and find your dog’s new utterly favourite thing.

How to Order…

Just go to The Tasting Platter page:https://shop.bounceandbella.co.uk/collections/tasting-platter

  • Click on the items you want
  • They’re added to a bundle (You can see it at the bottom of the Platter page)
  • Finish adding what you want
  • Click the shaky ‘Add to Cart’ button at the bottom of the page.
  • And you’ll go to checkout

Have yourself a lovely weekend,

Michelle is a BRC (British Retail Consortium) auditor and consultant with 20 years experience.

BRC set the standards that all the big shops and businesses use to audit and vet themselves and their suppliers.  It includes everything including health and safety and food safety to diversity and inclusion.

We are working towards certification in their food safety standard. This is based around HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points), a process created by NASA to make sure food was safe on trips to the moon.

Some of the key points:
-Fully auditing suppliers so we know they take care of the products as much as we do
Audit supply chains so we know suppliers source good quality raw materials
Auditing ourselves – eg glass check – every day we walk round the warehouse and check everything made of glass, from light bulbs and windows, to jam jars.  

This is to make sure that all known glass objects are still intact.  If any are found to be broken we start a process to identify every product in that area where glass may have contaminated it and dispose of it.

The main focus is ensuring the traceability of our supplies. Being able to trace any product back to the original farm/catch all the way through to the end customer so we can act quickly and recall any products that are found to have problems before they are consumed, or to notify suppliers of any issues found by customers so they can investigate and issue a wider recall if necessary.

In the cabin where we repack goods, all staff are trained and certified to HACCP and food safety level 2. They are issued with PPE to protect both themselves and the product from contamination. They don’t wear perfume, jewellery, or any sort of item that might fall into the product, and then we pass everything through a metal detector – just in case!  The metal detector can detect any metal object as small as 1.5mm across!

We also have visual inspection stages where the staff will simply look for issues before, during and after packing.

Does this help?

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