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Three Tubs, Two Treats (easy mode) – Easy Games for Dogs

Three Tubs, Two Treats (easy mode) – Easy Games for Dogs

Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

This dog game is similar to the card trick – 3 card monte- in which you have to guess where the Queen is.

However this is in easy mode for your dog to play.

Three yogurt pots with two having treats underneath them.

It’s in easy mode so this time there is no shuffling of the pots – keep it nice and simple and let your dog see what you’re doing.

Watch to see if they only go to the pots with treats or they go for everything.

What you need:

3 yogurt pots (or similar)

Your lovely dog



If the video above isn’t working try clicking for…


Step by Steps

      1. Have your dog sit down and wait for you
      2. Pop 3 yogurt pots on the floor nearby
      3. With your dog watching, put treats under 2 of the pots.
      4. Look for your dog’s focus on you – then release them with ‘Go!’
      5. Will they go only to the pots with treats or all of them?



  • A carpeted floor is easier for your dog to knock over the pots.
  • Watch to see how your dog got on. If they only go for the pots with treats, maybe you can start to make it a bit more difficult for them… Roscoe and I will be trying to ramp up the difficulty in some videos coming soon.



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