xmas deliveries and final day of 3 for 2 offer
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Xmas Deliveries and final day of 3 for 2

Xmas Deliveries and final day of 3 for 2 Xmas Offer


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

Xmas Deliveries

Today is the final day we think you can order and expect it before Christmas – we can’t guarantee it – but it should.

Here’s the delivery details:

  • Last Day for delivery before Xmas – Friday 16th December
    (NB We can’t guarantee deliveries will arrive before Christmas – but this is the last chance that they will.)
  • From 17th December – parcels will continue to go out throughout the Xmas period, apart from the Bank Holidays and weekends. However backlogs and ongoing strike action mean deliveries during this period are likely to face longer delays than usual.
  • (Raw food buyers – any orders now, including Subscriptions, will go out from 4th January)
  • 4th January – Back to normal


Final Day of 3 for 2

It’s the last day of the 3 for 2 offer.

It went so well, we might have to try it again next year. Well done Andy on your completely original idea! 🧐

Here’s the details for your last chance…

  1. Choose some Xmas dog treats from the 3 for 2 Collection
  2. Add your choices to the basket (cheapest one is free)
  3. At checkout use code: 3for2

That’s it – offer closes midnight tonight.

Have yourself a lovely weekend,


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