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Getting your Dog’s Attention

Getting your dog’s Attention – DIY Games for Dogs


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

Being able to get your dog’s attention when you need is HUUUUGE.

There’s always going to be something coming around the corner or leaping out of a tree that’ll grab your dog’s attention – it’s grabbing our attention too.

However if we’ve practised getting our dog’s focus on us before they run off and do their thing – hopefully – they’ll look to us first.

They’ll ask with a look – can I get involved here?

Then you can help them make the right decision.

If our dog’s are not in the habit of looking to us – they’re just going for it with no questions asked.


Getting your Dog’s Attention – Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun






Here we go …

  1. Grab a few tasty treats

  2. Have your dog sitting in front of you

  3. Hold out a treat away from you

  4. Wait for your dog to look at you (it may only be the slightest glance when you’re starting out)

  5. Say ‘Yes’ and give them the treat when they look at you

  6. Repeat




  • When starting out holding the treat nearer your face will mean they can win their reward more easily at first

  • The merest glance to you – and it might not even be directly to your eyes – is enough when you’re first starting. It’ll improve.

  • Be patient and wait for that glance

  • Quit while you’re both winning





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