whats my name recall games for dogs
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What’s my Name? Recall Games for Dogs

What’s my Name? – Recall Games for Dogs


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

Following on from last week’s recall game we’ve got another…

And this one’s even lovelier!

There’s only so long they’ll be hold off their enthusiasm to get to you so make sure you try and time it right…

At first, get their name in just before they’re going to come flying back anyway and build from there.


‘What’s my Name?’ Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun



Here we go now…

  1. An easy and adorable game for your dog’s recall.

  2. With your dog sitting or lying get their focus on you

  3. Walk back a little way, try and stop them setting off to you

  4. Just before they look like their going to break to you…Call their name!

  5. Lots of praise!!!

  6. Repeat while trying to get further and further away.

  7. Always finish on a high



  • Helps to control their urge to just react

  • Loads of enthusiasm really works wonders

  • Use a few treats if needed for encouragement

Thank you

Thank you to Mylo @mylo_staffx  for being this week’s assistant of awesomeness.




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