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Happy National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day!


Apparently we were all supposed to bark at the Postie this morning as a mark of respect to our dogs. 

Some people think it was Big Government gone mad but I was all in favour. 

It’s not often you get a chance to do it without the police turning up a few days later.

Disappointingly the Royal Mail got wind of this – probably because they delivered the leaflets telling us to do it – and have gone on strike!




They’re also on strike next Wednesday and to make matters trickier there’s a Bank Holiday on Monday.

You can find all the sordid details on our Shipping page.


Free Pack…

If you do pop along to the shipping page you’ll see that delivery on orders over £15 is free.

That’s handy because we’re trying out a new kind of offer today.

If you spend over £15 you’ll get a free pack of Pig Ear Strips but only if you follow the steps…


How to claim your free pack of pig ears strips?

This won’t happen automatically, we’re confined by our software in what we can do, so this is how to do it…

  1. Grab your dog’s favourite goodies – must come to over £15
  2. THEN Pop a pack of Pig Ears in your basket – essential step!
  3. Add code Pigears at checkout

That’s it – be sure to add the pig ear strips to your basket – as we can’t do it afterwards!

Have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend and if any posties forget there’s a strike – get barking!



Watch out for the luxury food samples – they’re really nearly, nearly really here.




In celebration of National Dog Day, we are hosting our annual drag race.

Want to play? Vote for your favourite drag queen on @Sumi‘s stories over the next week, starting Monday! 

The last three Queens standing will have a  head-to-head battle on our feed, where you can vote to select your favourite.

Without further ado, meet our Queens💛

To vote:

✨Go to @Sumis Instagram

💛 Vote on her stories (On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)



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