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We’re in ‘The Guardian’ but which?

Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you! 😊

It’s not often we get to toot our own horn, but today we’re going full blast!

We’ve made it into the Guardian!

Alright, it’s the Lancaster Guardian. Not its massive sibling, The (Manchester) Guardian, but for us, it’s nearly as good.

Because for Andy and I, it’s our hometown paper and it’s the first bit of proper old school media press we’ve ever had.

Here’s the article link: https://www.lancasterguardian.co.uk/business/morecambes-dog-treats-firm-bouncing-with-joy-after-being-listed-as-the-fastest-growing-online-brand-in-the-region-3414103

We’ve enjoyed a few days of local boys done good and really felt the love from family and friends.

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I just wanted to share our little win with you because, without you and your gorgeous hairy friends, there would be no win at all.

We enjoyed our couple of days, and we move forward striving for better for you and your dogs…

Today Andy and I are visiting someone to discuss free-range chickens and turkeys for the new premium dry food range that we’re hoping to develop.

And I’ve been attempting to complete our subscription service so you can set up a regular order of your dog’s favourites.

We’re hoping to be able to make it so you can add and remove items as you want, to be able to pause the subscription if you’re getting overrun and set up different frequencies of deliveries (that’s proving tricky – software grrr!).

I’m hoping, hope, hope, hoping that I can announce it next week… hope.

Have yourself an absolutely lovely weekend.


If you’re wondering Hannah is in the photo – Hannah works remotely from the other side of the country πŸ₯²

I’m not sure if we are a Morecambe firm btw, probably more likely to be a Preston firm, but who cares.

If you want to know as soon as the new subscription system is activated, just email us at darrenc@bounceandbella.co.uk with ‘Subs’ and we’ll add you to our list.

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