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When Subscriptions go Wrong! (and right)

Add Your Message Here…

Hello, you wonderful pet parent you 😀

Did I forget to add the title to this email?

Add Your Message Here… ???

What’s that all about?

Well, let me tell you…

The flower supply dried up…

The ever lovely Gill and I have been together for plenty of years, and I often used to pick her up flowers on my travels.

However, when we moved house about six years ago, we were suddenly out of walking distance from decent flowers, and Gill had the car each day for work.

Which meant I had to remember when the opportunity arose.

Of course – the flower supply dried up, and over time I even forgot what younger Darren had done.

Gill hadn’t.

After a while, she began buying herself flowers and mentioning more and more how nice it used to be when they’d arrive out of the blue.

One morning I thought, “That must be ten flower mentions in the two days. Mmm, let’s see if she mentions them again and then maybe I’ll have to work out what she’s hinting at.”

A few months later, I’d finally cracked the hint code – she wanted me to buy her flowers!

I congratulated myself on my man-smarts and then congratulated myself further when I had the great idea to use Bloom and Wilds to set up a monthly flower subscription.

No more forgetting, no more confusing hints and all the benefits of a happy Gill.

They arrived, and they were gorgeous and I was a hero.

Gill even thought I was remembering to order a lovely new bouquet each month.

That was until one Saturday, the bouquet arrived and the card inside read, ‘Add your Message Here…’

Of course – I’d forgotten to write the message.

Lucky for you, with our brand new subscription service, there’s no card to trip you up, and dogs can’t read anyway.

New subscription service is now live…

Our new subscription service is very straightforward and simple to use.

And there are some great benefits to subscribing to your dog’s favourite treats and food…

  • Never run out of treats or food again.
  • Awesome product flexibility
    You can add or remove any products.
    And increase or decrease quantities.
  • Never tied-in
    Cancel at any time.
  • 5% discount on every product
    That includes the already super-duper trouper discounted multipacks and all the deliciously healthy food choices.
  • Awesome order flexibility: You can adjust the order schedule and choose 1 month, 6 weeks, or 2 months.
    Skip a scheduled order if you need to.
    Pause and restart the subscription.
    Hit the ‘Order Now’ button whenever you need it.

Here’s how to set up your first subscription order…

  • Find the first product you want and choose ‘Subscribe’ from the ‘Purchase Options’ above the product description.
    (Note: that section is slower to appear than the rest of the listing.)
  • Choose how often you want deliveries, every 1 month, 6 weeks or 2 months.
  • Click add to cart.
  • Do the same with the next products you want.
  • Pay for your order as usual.
  • An email will come through confirming your order.
    Then another will arrive confirming your subscription and including a ‘View your Subscription’ button, which takes you to your subscription portal.
  • If you want to make, any changes use that link button to go to your subscription portal.
    All changes are very easy to do within the portal.

If you have questions, we’ve set up a FAQ with lots of answers, and of course, we’re always here to help with your questions – just reply to this or any email,

Have yourself a gorgeously flower-filled weekend!


Bloom and Wilds is a lovely company, and their flowers are beautiful – it’s not their fault I’m a daftie.

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