New Team Member Charlie, holding his dachshund Elvis.
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BB Team Update: Welcome to Charlie & Elvis

It’s not every day that we get to add a new pet parent to the Bounce and Bella team, but it’s always an exciting time when we do! 

As you’ve probably seen from Friday’s email and blog post, Charlie is joining the Bounce and Bella team helping us manage our new warehouse, and he has the most adorable dachshund called Elvis who is joining the team as well.  

So for today’s blog post, we’re doing a huge welcome post to Charlie and Elvis, and Hannah has performed a little Q&A as well, so you lovely pet parents get the chance to get to know the new member of our team! 

Welcome to Charlie & Elvis

So to start us off in true Cilla Style… *takes a breath*

What’s your name, what’s your dog’s name, where do you come from, how did you hear about Bounce and Bella, and why did you want to work with us?

Hi Hannah, and hello to all you Pet Parents! 

My name is Charlie, and I have a miniature dachshund called Elvis! Though he sometimes goes by the name Elvy just for the added cuteness.

My hometown is Morecambe in Lancashire, but I currently live in Garstang since moving away from home.

I heard about Bounce and Bella’s amazing opportunity online and knew that it was the next step up in my career – after all, who couldn’t resist working with other pet parents creating real and positive change in how we treat our pooches! 

That’s lovely to hear, Charlie, and I love Elvis’ nickname! Elvy is undoubtedly cute. Have you always been a dog lover, or is this since having Elvis?

I have always been a dog fan! Throughout my entire childhood, we owned an English Bull Terrier called Marley. He used to be a softy with my sister and me. One of my fondest memories of him is painting his stomach, though I definitely wouldn’t suggest doing this.

Marley, an English Bull Terrier, standing in the living room.

We also rescued a Boxer called Georgie who had white paws that looked like boxing gloves, funnily enough! 

Currently, we have an American Bulldog called Zarla, who we took on from a family friend when she was just a puppy! Zarla and Elvis are the best of friends. 

Elvis, a dachshund, and Zarla, a American bull dog, standing together looking outside.

It’s great to hear that we have another dog fan in our midst, and those photographs are gorgeous! So apart from dogs and working for Bounce and Bella, what are your hobbies? 

Outside of Bounce and Bella, I love taking Elvis around the local area and meeting up with friends. I also take a great interest in sewing and creating dog accessories and sell them online. You can find me at

I also have a keen eye for art and love creating work when I have the time. 

Elvis, a brown daushund, sitting on the bed with a green bandanna around his neck.

Sounds brilliant and that you’re a very creative pet parent! I’m sure Elvis loves the accessories that you make for him. We’ll have to make sure that our community of Pet Parents check out your accessories too!

So, what are you most excited about working for Bounce and Bella?

I’m most excited about being a part of a team where everyone is just as obsessed with dogs as I am! But as it’s a new role entirely, I’m eager to learn all the ins and outs of the business and use this knowledge to push myself and the brand. 

It’s true! We really all are dog-obsessed! And speaking of dogs, tell us a little about Elvis and being his pet parent.

Elvis is 10 years old and his birthday is the 3rd of November. I had just turned 12 when Elvis was born! I’ve always loved smaller dogs as they often have big personalities that come with them, and after moving away from home, I really missed having Zarla around, so I somehow managed to persuade my partner Matt to let us get a dog of our own. 

One day before work, I looked through the many adverts for dogs that needed rehoming and came across an advert for a sausage dog who couldn’t be looked after anymore. Straight away, I enquired about Elvis and went for a visit the day after. We knew barely any information, not even his name at that point.

When we viewed Elvis, he had wobbly teeth and horrendous bad breath, his mouth was riddled with gingivitis, and his owners were still feeding him puppy food. His nails were curled right around, and we both knew that we couldn’t leave little ol’ Elvis in that situation any longer! 

After fixing him up and many trips to the vets, Elvis had 12 of his teeth taken out and now lives in peace with Matt and me. Sorry for rambling on.

No need to apologise at all! It sounds like you’ve given Elvis the perfect forever home, and it’s lovely to know that he’s getting the care and attention he deserves. 

What are Elvis’ favourite treats and things to do then?

Elvis’ favourite things to do are definitely snuggling and sleeping! He loves to bask in the sun and enjoy the hot(ish) weather.

He also received his first batch of goodies from Bounce and Bella this week and ran straight for the Venison Chews and stole the packet! He ran away as fast as he could with it too! 

New BB Taste Team Member Elvis, a daushaund lying on a dog bed outside.

I love the sound of that! My Jack Russells are precisely the same and will run off with the boxes of treats if they get the chance.

I guess my final question is, what does Elvis think about your new job and joining the Bounce and Bella pack?

Elvia loves my new job! He knows that Bounce and Bella will always spoil and take good care of him now, along with all the other pooches.

That’s great to hear, and thank you so much Charlie, for joining us on the blog and letting our community of pet parents know a little more about you.

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