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Treat, Throw, Win – Easy DIY Games for Dogs

Treat, Throw, Win – Easy DIY Games for Dogs


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

A nice easy DIY game that both you and your dog are thoroughly involved in – Treat, Throw, Win.

It’s fun to get involved in a dog game yourself and that’s what this one does.

We’re trying to throw a treat into a box, grab yourself a few treats and see how many you can get in the box in a row.

Maybe you can beat my world record of… one in a row!

This will test your dog’s patience – which is an excellent trait for your dog to have.

It will also develop their ability to focus on you for longer periods – you can see with Roscoe – it’s a work in progress 😁.

All you need:

Bounce and Bella Treats
Your dawg


If the video above isn’t working try on…

Youtube https://youtu.be/ZpfYfLqlOwY
Tiktok https://www.tiktok.com/@bounceandbella/video/7205171473508535558

Step by Steps

  1. Pop your box or tub across the room
  2. Grab your treats and sit your dog down
  3. Begin trying to get the treats in
  4. Watch for your dog itching to make a break for the treats – let them go with ‘Go!’ if you think they’re going to go for it.
  5. Try and build up your dog’s ability to sit and wait for their treats – ideally you throw them all and then release your dog with ‘Go!’



  • If you think your dog will go for it on the next throw – release them with ‘Go!’ as you throw
  • Keep a close eye on your dog and don’t get too involved with your own game (as I did!)
  • Try more suitable boxes or tubs if you keep missing 😁





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