Roscoe and his treat ball for dogs
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Treat Ball – Easy Games for Dogs

Treat Ball – Easy Games for Dogs


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

Lovely easy game with a treat ball. There’s all sorts of treat balls out there for your dog to try.

Our treat ball allows you to pop the treats in at a greater or lesser depth depending on how good your dog is at nibbling them out.

All you need:
Treat Ball
Your lovely dog


If the video above isn’t working try on…


Step by Steps

  1. Grab your treats and treat ball
  2. Pop the treats into the ball at differing depths
  3. Sit your dog in front of you
  4. Wait for them to focus on you
  5. Release them to play with their ball
  6. Take the ball away as soon as they’re done trying to get the treats out



  • When you first try playing with the ball push the treats in at different depths so you can see the best range for your dog
  • Take the ball away as soon as they look like they’re losing interest – it’s a treat ball and won’t survive long as a chew toy.





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