Toybox Treats - DIY Games for Dogs
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Toybox Treats – Happiness Games for Dogs

Toybox Treats – Happiness Games for Dogs


Press the enrichment button over and over again…

One of the main reasons for playing DIY games with our dogs is to enrich their lives.

To break up their day to day with something different and fun.

The ‘Toybox Treats’ game presses the enrichment button over and over again…

  • Brain stimulation – Yes
  • Physical stimulation – Yes
  • Nosework – Yes
  • Treats – Yes
  • Toys – Yes
  • Fun – Yes YES YESSSSS

All you need is your dog, their box of toys and some non-crumbly treats they love.

(Our poultry training treats are perfect – small, non-crumbly & no-nasties – meaning no mess and you can be generous without feeling guilty)


‘Toybox Treats’ – Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun



Time for a bit of fun…

  1. Throw some tasty treats into your dog’s toybox

  2. Wait for them to focus on you

  3. Say ‘Go’ and let your dog rush to their toybox…

  4. Enjoy watching them go snuffling crazy!




  • Definitely avoid crumbly treats – the mess – the ongoing, never-ending mess – argggh.

  • Add ‘Ready, Steadyyyyy… Go!’ to get them really excited.

  • If you use dry food this is a great way for your dog to work for their dinner.

Thank you

Thank you to Bowie @bowie_the_cavachon for being this week’s marvellously glamorous assistant.

You can see more of him here:





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1 month ago

Your article helped me a lot, is there any more related content? Thanks!


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