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Gorgeous assistance dog under the cherry blossom

Assistance Dogs – a Pet Parent’s Story

Assistance Dogs I have always had dogs, they’ve been an important part of my life, my two daughters grew up with our first Labrador, Bella, who I always say looked after us as much as we cared for her! Two adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniels followed her, sweet gentle little souls and when they passed …

pet parent stories: Kate & Bilbo

Pet Parent Stories: Kate & Bilbo

Pet Parent Stories: Kate & Bilbo At Bounce and Bella, our community of Pet Parents is at the heart of everything that we do because we’re pet parents too and know how confusing and vague the pet industry can be. So, if we can help by providing information and support for our community, then that’s …

Roscoe's Recall
Bounce and Bella Blog

How Did Roscoe’s Recall Improve?

There had been a difficulty… Our first dog, Sorrel, never really was that great with her recall. She got better after that time Gill had to come back from work to try and coax her out of the field with ham, sweet words, tears and occasional fist shaking. However she was never great. You’d have …

Pet Parent Dawn's Dog

Pet Parent: Dawn’s Story

Hello, again, wonderful Pet Parents! You might have guessed, but it’s me, Hannah, again with another blog post – I swear I haven’t booted Darren from writing here on the blog, but I was very eager to lay claim to today’s post.  In case you’re not aware, I head customer care at Bounce and Bella. …