Pet Parent Dawn's Dog

Pet Parent: Dawn’s Story

Hello, again, wonderful Pet Parents!

You might have guessed, but it’s me, Hannah, again with another blog post – I swear I haven’t booted Darren from writing here on the blog, but I was very eager to lay claim to today’s post. 

In case you’re not aware, I head customer care at Bounce and Bella. So, if you’ve ever had to email us, maybe to grab the tracking for your order or just send a lovely picture of your dog, then you’ll have had an email back from me. 

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Pet Parent, Emails & Me

I have to admit, one of the best parts of my job is getting to talk to you all regularly and find out how your dogs are enjoying our treats and food. I especially love it when I get those surprise emails full of beautiful photos of your dogs and finding all about them too – I mean, who gets to say that their job involves looking at pictures of gorgeous dogs!

I’m a lucky girl, for sure. However, another thing that I love is getting to hear your stories and how food or treats have helped your furry friends in some way or form. 

This is why I was excited when I recently received an email from one of our regular customers, Dawn and was eager to write this post and share with you all her story. 

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Welcome to Pet Parent Dawn

We get a lot of emails, and we love it because we get to hear your thoughts, feedback and stories. So a couple of days ago, we received an email from Dawn: 

Just thought you would like to know that we have a Hungarian Vizsler age 2.5 yrs who has for the past 2 years suffered from itching skin and bad stomach issues.  Vets bills were huge!

We tried all sorts of food ending up with Vets recommended Virbac A – which despite being expensive worked well, although still itched a bit, but it was difficult to get hold of.

We then on receipt of your email (as we bought treats from you) tried your dog food – 80% fish.  It has been amazing – he has been having this for 10 days – reduced itching and great stomach.  We now have a 11 week HV who has also been transferred to your puppy fish food.

My mum has a 12 yr old Golden Retriever who has terrible stomach issues which have been getting worse with age.  I have been getting her Virbac A as well but see that you do an older dog food.  I will order a sample for mum

Thank you – just thought you would like to know its working!

Pet Parent Dawn's Dogs.

Had to Know More!

After getting this email from Dawn, I knew that I had to learn more about her situation and, of course, her dogs!

As pet parents, we hate to see our dog in pain. It’s also hard to know whether you’re worrying too much or not worrying enough and trying to figure out when to go to the vet. 

Dawn had tried so many other foods, even after the Vet had figured out a solution through the food the vet recommended wasn’t as accessible. Moreover, there was the worry that Ruben’s little brother Neve would face the same issues with their skin. 

So when Dawn emailed after finding food that worked and had stopped Ruben’s irritation, you could hear the sense of relief that brought. Simply because, like all pet parents, we’re happy when our dogs are happy. 

I continued to email Dawn and received some lovely pictures of her boys that she has allowed us to share along with this lovely sentiment:

But more so we are delighted that Ruben has had no itchy skin and a great stomach since changing to your food after a year of trying several different hypo ones!  His coat is so shiny!

Pet Parent Dawn's Dogs: Ruben and Neve

Support for Pet Parents

At Bounce and Bella, we want to support all pet parents, whether it’s providing tasty and healthy food for our dogs, offering support with information, or merely providing delicious treats with transparent ingredients. 

We understand how amazing being a pet parent is but also the responsibility that comes with it. 

This is why when we get emails from people like Dawn, we know that we’re doing right by customers and achieving what we set out to do and ensuring peace of mind for pet parents.

If you’ve got a story to tell about how Bounce and Bella helped you or your dog let us know and contact us via our contact page or give us an email at

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registro na binance us
registro na binance us
1 month ago

Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.


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