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Roscoe looking lovingly at Gill
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The Look of Love Competition

The Look of Love is in your Eyes…   There’s a unique and special bond between a dog and their mum. So much so that when I found the photo of Roscoe looking lovingly at Gill my internal soundtrack kicked in immediately. The exquisite and utterly heartfelt sound of Dusty Springfield… The look of love …

Whine and Dine Valentine Competition
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Whine and Dine – Valentine’s Day Competition

‘Whine and Dine’ Valentine’s Day Competition   Looks like someone overdid their ‘Whining and the Dining’ ⬆⬆⬆ The evening had started with you presenting your gorgeous dog with a multipack of their favourite treats. You had won them in a Bounce and Bella Valentine’s Day competition. And this is where it ended – on the …

Are You ready to Enter the Olympics: Dog jumping though an agility hoop
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Are You Ready to Enter the Olympics?

Are You Ready to Enter the Olympics? Have you ever found yourself up at 1am staring at a screen willing a woman from the Solomon Islands (and the only member of the entire Solomon Islands team) to lift her next set of weights – praying that she gets that bronze medal? That is the wondrous …

Ruby, a red fox Labrador holding her favourite toy, a yellow squeaky donut in her mouth while looking up at the camera.
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Your Dog’s Favourite Toy Competition

**Competition Closed 19th April 2021. Congratulations to our winner Ragnar!** Hello, you lovely Pet Parent you 🙂 Today marks the start of the first weekend after lockdown. I’ve found myself repeating a lyric fragment again and again over the last few months. If anyone gets pulled into my whinging orbit, they hear me saying, “Yes… …

Roscoe, a white long-haired German Shepard/Mucky Pup, standing in a field, the lower part of his body covered in mud.
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Bounce and Bella’s Mucky Pup Competition

**Competition Closed 19th April 2021. Congratulations to our Mucky Pup Winner Alfie!** The weather’s looking good; it’s the first weekend after the pubs re-opened, and things could get messy out there! But we’re pet parents and we can cope with messy – because we’ve had to…  (Roscoe, after he decided to go Two-Tone for the …

Tipsy Feature Photo For Wee Dafty Dog Day. Old Photograph of a Jack Russell
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Wee Dafty Dog Day Competition

*Competition Closed 16th April 2021. Congratulations to our Winner Wilbur!* Wee Dafty Dog Day – Here at Last! Hurrah! Today is Wee Dafty Dog Day! via GIPHY I bet you never thought the day would arrive, but at last, it’s finally here. Perhaps you’re in the tiny, tiny, utterly small minority of people in the …

Baxter's Bowtie Competition
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Baxter’s Bowtie Competition

Hello you lovely pet parent you! Who in the world of heck is this cool customer? It’s Baxter, the young, gorgeous and downright cheeky miniature dapple dachshund from Brighton who I’m assured loooves his Bounce and Bella treats (favourite chew? Venison thank you). He’s the handsome face of B’s Bowtique a brand new handmade doggie …

Mother's Day Competition Feature Photo: Mum holding up her pet.
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Bounce and Bella’s Mother’s Day Competition

*Competition Closed 15th March 2021. Congratulations to our Winner Louise Edwards and her dog Mabel* Mother’s Day Competition If you try and find a love like your pup shows you – I’m afraid you’re going to be waiting a while. I can’t hope to count the amount of times I look up to see Roscoe …

Bounce and Bella Valentine's Day Dog
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Bounce and Bella’s Valentine’s Day Competition

*Competition Closed 15th February 2021. Congratulations to our Valentine’s Day Winner Abby Howell and her wonderful band of dogs.* *And a shoutout to our honourable mentions too: Ama, Amy, Rachel and Samantha!* Valentine’s Day Competition Aka “Happy Valentine’s Day” Valentine’s – the day we get to show our love to those special dogs (and sometimes …