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Scrunchy Paper Treats… Happiness Games for Dogs

Scrunchy Paper Treats – Happiness Games for Dogs


No Paper Munchers Allowed…

Do you fancy the easiest game in the entire history of easy dog games?


Because this is the one – well easy for us that is – our dogs will have to work for it.

But that’s perfect because dogs love to work for their tuck.


We’re all pet parents used to dealing with our woofy kids and their crazy antics so obviously…

If your dog is a paper muncher – sit this game out.

If your dog starts chewing the paper mid game  – take it off them.

When they’ve got all their goodies, take the paper away.

And now – to the game…



‘Scrunchy Paper Treats’ – Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun



A simple game to add a bit of fun to your dog’s day…


  1. Let your lovely dog choose their favourite treats…

  2. Sprinkle the treats on a piece of paper

  3. Scrunch up the paper loosely

  4. Wait for your dog to focus on you before saying ‘Go!’

  5. Enjoy watching your dog work out how to get to their tasty treats




  • Scrunch up the paper loosely at first as they get better scrunch the paper up more tightly.

  • Try thin cardboard instead of paper for a bit of variety.

  • Do take the paper/cardboard away once they’ve got their treats.

  • Don’t play if your dog will just chew on the paper/cardboard.

Thank you

Thank you to Teddy @teddy.bear.gsd for being this week’s marvellously glamorous assistant.

You can see more of him here: https://www.instagram.com/teddy.bear.gsd/




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