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Rampager vs Ponderer… Happiness Games for Dogs

Adventure Boxes within Boxes – DIY Games for Dogs


Welcome back to the games!

Today’s game is going to answer the following question (you didn’t know you needed answering).

Is your dog a …

  1. Rampager
  2. Ponderer

You’re going to need to grab yourself a few boxes of different sizes and some tasty treats to work this out.

Will your lovely dog just go smashing into this game without much thought, just relying on their brute crazy?

Or will they check out the situation and proceed thoughtfully?

What do you think?
a) or b)???



Adventure Boxes within Boxes’ – Step by Step – Dog Games for Fun



Time for a bit of rampaging/pondering…

  1. Grab your biggest box and scatter a few treats in the bottom of it.

  2. Pop other boxes into the big box and pop treats in them at random.

  3. Wait until your dog looks at you (we’re always looking for their focus on us before giving the ‘ok’)

  4. Say ‘Go!’ and release your dog to go snaffling for tasty treats

  5. Enjoy watching your dog get their tasty treats – were they ponderers or rampagers?




  • You may need to hold onto your dog’s collar for a while until they get the hang of waiting for ‘Go!’

  • If they struggle to look at you, be lenient at first by saying ‘Go!’ on the merest of glances and get gradually stricter.

  • Alter the amount of treats and boxes to suit you and your dog.

  • Make sure the treats are ones your dog really enjoys because they’re on a mission here.

  • Our poultry training treats are perfect – small, super-tasty & no-nasties – meaning you can be generous without feeling guilty.

Thank you

Thank you to Oscar @oscarfrenchbully for being this week’s marvellously fantastical rampaging assistant.

You can see more of him here:




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