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Pots of Treats DIY Games for Dogs

Pots of Treats – Easy DIY Games for Dogs


Hello you lovely pet parent, you!

Another lovely easy game for dogs you’ve just got to remember to harvest any yoghurt pots or raspberry punnets where you can.

This game was recommended by Mum of the sausages ‘Teddy’ and ‘Luna’.

You can add a bit of focus before you start but really this game is just a bit of fun and to see how your dog gets to their treats.

You can make the game easier by playing on the carpet or grass – something with a bit of resistance making the pots easier to tip.

Roscoe was put off his game a little in this video – it’s bee chasing season and Roscoe’s a fierce competitor.

What you need:
Yoghurt pots or similar


If the video above isn’t working try on…

Youtube: https://youtube.com/shorts/jYMcKksF294
Tiktok:  https://www.tiktok.com/@bounceandbella/video/7210355576633691397

Step by Steps

    1. Have your dog sit down and wait for you
    2. Pop the treats under all or some of the pots
    3. Wait for your dog’s focus on you
    4. Say ‘Go!’
    5. Let them enjoy chasing their pots around



  • A nice tip by Teddy and Luna’s mum was to refill the pots to have the game last as long as you want – but always try to end on a high.



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