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Hot Sale on Beef Chews…

Hot Sale on Beef Chews…


Hello, you lovely Pet Parent, you!

I’ve been off out at 7am each morning with Roscoe for a quick sniff walk this week.

And even making it shorter than usual and much earlier he’s still gets quite the pant on.

Sooo hot.

You’re probably seeing these reminders all over your social media feeds but keep those walks short and much earlier or later than usual.

And better to miss a few walks than to take any chances.

Oh and talking of hot hot hot… here’s a hot blast of a sale…

It’s just for the weekend on the ever favourites ‘beef chews’, a lovely 15% off!


Grab Beef Chews with 15% off…


  1. Choose your dog’s tasty treats here:
  2. Just pop them in your basket – they’re already reduced 😊
  3. That’s it! 
  4. Don’t hang around, the Sale ends on Monday


Have another lovely weekend and keep yourselves safe!



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