A black dog standing outside playing catch. Taken mid catch, the dog's mouth is open and eyes focused on the treat.

Playing Catch: Level Two

Oooh, so you think your dog is ready for Level Two?

You got big dreams? Well, being awesome at Playing Catch costs and right here’s where you start paying… in sweat!

I hope you kept scrolling because I may have got a bit over-excited there and accidentally quoted the Eighties’ superhit TV show ‘Fame’.

It’s just as simple as Level One, really, but with a bit more movement, maybe a few more angles, a little more distance and maybe a toy or two literally thrown in.

We’re still praising everything.

We’re still having fun.

And it’s still about the focus on you.

Changing it Up

  • All you do now is move around a bit, get your dog interested if they’re not already and see how they do with different throws.
  • Enjoy yourself – it’s just a bit of fun with the added bonus of helping with fitness (mental and physical) and increasing the focus on you – the source of good times.
  • You could introduce some toys now to throw. You could try throwing in the garden or outside somewhere.
  • What you actually do doesn’t matter too much – have fun, enjoy your time together and watch how they focus on you.
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  • If your dog is catching most of the time – you can move onto Level Three, and there’s where you really do need to start paying in sweat! (Again, not really.)

Roscoe’s Attempt at ‘Playing Catch Level Two’

This version of Level Two is just Roscoe and me outside, moving around and throwing from different angles and at different distances. Mostly it just looks like the two of us messing about – which it was.

Lessons Learned

I forgot initially to praise Roscoe when I started and was a bit muted generally – something to get better at.

And I began accidentally mixing up – ‘The Eyes Have It’ with ‘Playing Catch,’ so I began looking for eye contact from Roscoe before throwing the catch… However, he seemed happy to go along with that – it might be worth trying out!

Let us know how you get on in the comments below – short videos, screenshots, photos – pop them all in the comments and let’s enjoy each other’s fun!

And if you don’t have some tasty grain-free treats on hand already to try this yourself, then check out our Grain-Free Poultry and Fish training treats.

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